My Life Is My Own
Kuazar Wrath of God

Del álbum Wrath of God de Kuazar
Autor(es) Kuazar

I Don't Care
If you Don't Relieve in me
I live my life
By my own rules
You will die tomorrow
You will die tomorrow
I Don't Care
If you Don't Believe in me
I Don't need
Your Stupid Aprobattion
I Don't Care If you want to destroy me
Your Poison will destroy you First
I Don't Care if you want to defeat me
You Won't Do it Because You Are a piece of Shit
Power - I Have it in my hands
Power - I Believe in Me
Power - I Don't need your aprobattion
Now listen to me
Power - You will die piece of shit
Power - By the power of the Metal
Power - You will burn in Hell
My life is my own